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Aco Mold Manufacturer 22-Apr, 2014

Mold making in China is a very challenging business. Two of the difficulties are offshore competition and molders growing demands for early design involvement.

Contact: Tim Wu Phone: +86-0755-86651200 Address: Shen zhen, Guang dong

triple-c ltd 30-Sep, 2014

injection mold maker in china delivers high quality modled parts

Contact: ro van der Linden Phone: 31306667638 Address: , Shang hai

China manufacturer of automotive rubber extrusions, EPDM rubber sealing profiles, custom extruded and molded rubber parts

Contact: Kevin Phone: +86-319-8032626 Address: Xing tai, He bei

Abs antibacterial sheet

Contact: Wu Phone: 0519-86393501 Address: Chang zhou, Jiang su