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Please read these submission rules before you submit a company to China Supplier List.
We may delete, reject, block, or edit any websites that DO NOT follow these rules.
• Submit your company to the most relevant category.
• Submit English websites ONLY.
• Do not submit websites "under construction".
• Do not submit mirror (duplicated) sites.
• Do not submit links to illegal content websites.
• Do not submit websites consisting largely of affiliate/advertisement links.
• Your submission will be viewed in 3days to 1month.
And follow the indications to fill in submission information.
Company: *
Your legal company name.
- MUST be same with the name on your website.
- DO NOT use all capital letters.
Example: Shanghai Xxx Electronics Co Ltd
Catalogue: *
Description: *
A descriptive sentence about your company, or service.
For better listing in search engines, keep it in 100 letters to 300 letters.
- Make it short and descriptive.
- DO NOT capitalize all words.
- DO NOT list all keywords.
Website: *
MUST start with "http://"
- Inner pages are NOT allowed
- DO NOT submit sub-domains
- Keep your website alive
Reciprocal Url:
NOT required, but much appreciated.
Regular submitssion without reciprocal url will take 7-30days.
BUT, it just takes 1-6days if we get a link from your website.
- link to us:
1. <a href="">China Supplier</a>
2. <a href="">Chinese Companies Directory</a>
3. <a href="">China Manufacturers</a>
4. <a href="">Chinese Suppliers</a>
- Leave it blank if you don't want to link us.
- Fault reciprocal url will be rejected.
Picture Url:
Picture could be your company logo, product image etc.
NOT required, but highly recommend.
Otherwise, it will show your website's thumbnails.
About Your Company/Service ( * ):
A further detailed description about your company and service.
Make it a minimum 1000 characters and maximum 8000 characters for better indexing by search engines.
DO NOT contain HTML Code, otherwise we will delete it directly!

More Information:

Key Products:
NOT required, it's for products listing after your company being approved
Your Name: *
Phone: *
MUST include country code, e.g. "+86".
Email: *
A valid email address is required.
Email end with domain name is trusted (recommeded).
- Some free email services are disallowed, e.g.
Address: *
Specified your company's location, include zip code in the end.

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