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Government should not be the main driver of power inverter technology initiatives. All initiatives must live or die because of their desirability for the general public. If government sponsors it, the project takes on a prestige project Avatar. It cannot be allowed to die, and certainly not for the lack of funding, no matter how much money it can waste.

Finally technology development in the solar inverter business area has only one objective, whether it is desired by the people or not. Government can make credit available to the public but it should never plan projects on a grand scale because it develops into a tremendous waste of money.

Best planning is a plan that involves private participation in the decision making and execution of the inverter project that can be monitored by the gov't but keep their hands off. This strategy will reduce waste as well as provide the public a sense of participation. Especially if the feed in teriff is decided and sufficient incentives are provided for setting up small solar PV inverter installations including some rooftop installations, India will react to the scheme positively and Gov't will not know how to utilize the excess power.

Bidding process is a cumbersome path and government control it till the final end. It is not a healthy path. Let the government formulate a policy and sit back and watch the progress of solar inverter sector. It can revisit the policy and make amendments whenever necessary. Give freedom to new entrepreneurs to apply their mind to make profit by increased solar power generation. Funds could be obtained from local banks, can be from cooperative sector. After all the aim of programme is to augment solar generation. I read that a state has fixed a feed in tariff of Rs9.75 per kwh. I do not challenge this figure but it can go higher. Commercial banks will be happy to provide finance for solar inverter plants based on the feed in tariff fixed by the government. It (FiT) is a guarantee from government.