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During the start or stop of the three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor, there are still some problems .For example, the impact imposed on the power network by starting current .In addition, if the voltage of the motor exceeds the rated voltage, the iron loss will increase; while if it is below the rated voltage, the copper loss of the motor will increase. If the drag system loses the torque suddenly when the motor stops running, the inertial sliding stop-running of the system should be overcome only by frictional torque, then many problems will occur in drag system .For example, the water hammer phenomena of water pump and so on.

The starting method of traditional motor is to adopt Y-starter and self-coupling reduced voltage starter, which can Only reduce the impact on the power network imposed by the starting current of the motor and guarantee the reliable starting of the motor. But the above could not solve could not solve other Problems, this motor soft starter adopts intelligent digital control to carry out automatic control on the motor by using mono chip computer as the intelligent center and the controllable silicon module as the executing component. It is to be applied to squirrel cage asynchronous motor control with various loads, and helps the motor to start smoothly under any operation condition so that it protects the drag system, reduce the impact on the power network imposed by the starting current and ensure the reliable starting of the motor. It also helps the motor to stop running smoothly with a reduced speed and eliminate the anti-inertial impact of the drag system. The complete system protection helps to prolong the system operation life, to reduce system construction price and to improve system reliability, It is compatible with various function of all starting equipments and is the idealist new gene ration of Y-△ starters and self-coupling voltage starters.