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Shenzhen VTdrive Technology Co.,Ltd. is a "National Hi-tech Enterprise" specialized in low voltage Variable Frequency Drive, Pumping Unit Controller, Servo Drive, Electric Vehicle Drive, Solar Inverter. The headquarters is located in Shenzhen, South of China. The name of VTdrive it means Vector and Torque control in the meantime it means Victory and Trust.

As a leader in China, VTdrive is recognised for its quality, reliability and cost-efficiency in an ever-increasing number of markets worldwide. We committed to being the world's leading and most respected provider industrial control systems to deliver the high grade and competitively priced products in the market. So far VTdrive products be exported to over 60 countries like Germany, England, Russia, UAE, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico...


VTdrive self-developed variable frequency drives cover voltage level 200V, 400V, 690V, 1140V and power rating from 0.4KW up to 3000KW. It be widely used in Stone processing industry, Wood processing industry, Oilfield industry, Paper industry, Printing industry, Textile industry, Ceramic industry, Mine industry, Injection Molding Machine, Centrifugal machine, Explosion-proof, Port crane, Machine tool, Water supply, Electric vehicle drive, Hybrid electro-hydraulic, Cargo elevator, Air compressor etc. It can work well in harsh environment for adjusting ac motor speed and saving energy.


VTdrive R&D team and management was core member of HUAWEI and EMERSON CHINA.
The most experienced VTdrive R&D team was developed over 2 million pieces ac drives in 15 years. The R&D spending over 32 million USD during this time.
1996 to 2001 our R&D team developed the first generation V/F control ac drives in HUAWEI.
2002 to 2004 our R&D team developed the second generation approximate vector control ac drives in EMERSON CHINA. 
2006 to 2008 the R&D team developed the third generation real vector and open-loop torque control with servo featured ac drives in VTdrive. It’s beyond domestic competitor’s technologies and close to European and American drives. VTdrive own proprietary intellectual property rights of all our softwares and hardwares design. 

We are not only manufacturing general purpose ac drives but also have capability customizing for special purpose. 
VTdrive adopting high-quality materials, our outsourcing supplier was supplying to Huawei drives and they are supplying to EMERSON CHINA and VTdrive now.
VTdrive strictly according with the ISO 9001 quality management system of production to ensure quality of product. VTdrive products meet up with EMC standard of IEC and got CE certification.


Today many well-known companies know our good reputation of our drives from the market. They came to us ask for partnership. Like CG Group from India, Parker from America, Regal Beloit from America, LSIS from South Korea, Bosch Rexroth from Germany, SEW-EURODRIVE from Germany. 
We believe China drives will playing a more and more important role in global market. We  are striving to develop overseas market and looking for overseas distributor & partner. Welcome to join us!

VTdrive - The China’s best variable frequency drives, beyond your expectations!


The story started in 1996, HUAWEI began developing China own brand Variable Frequency Drive. At that time, the China VFD market was under foreign brands control. HUAWEI was filled with great enthusiasm and historical mission setted up the largest R&D center of VFD in China. Mr. Qiu, our General Manager, once had the privilege as a member of the excellent R&D team in HUAWEI. Depends on powerful economic and technical efficiency HUAWEI VFD got good reputation and grabbed big market share in the following years. The success of HUAWEI catched EMERSON attention. 

After acquire Control Techniques in 1995, EMERSON moved their interest to the China biggest VFD manufacturer HUAWEI. In the meantime, HUAWEI also have had mind to sell VFD division because that wasn't its core business. In 2002, EMERSON acquire Shenzhen Avansys Network Power Co., Ltd. (VFD company of HUAWEI Group) in 750 million USD, and Mr. Qiu became the Chief Technical Officer of VFD department of EMERSON CHINA.

2006 is a milestone of VTdrive, Mr. Qiu and his old subordinates left EMERSON and established VTdrive in Shenzhen. They work together for one dream that developing the China's best VFD. VTdrive was born with excellent innovation ability and great commission. It is lifeful and fast developing. The excellent R&D team is the first one who developed open-loop torque control and servo featured vector control ac drives in China. 

Today VTdrive as a leader of China ac drives companies has around 150 R&D staff, 10% of turnover be invested in R&D each year. 
VTdrive has the biggest market share in electric vehicle drive in China. 
VTdrive also cooperate with many companies in the top of industry. For example:
Shengyang Machine Tool Group. (China No.1 Machine Tool manufacturer) Kai Shan Air Comprassor Co., Ltd.(China No.1 Air Comprassor manufacturer) Ingersoll Rand (World Top 3 Air Comprassor manufacturer) Guanxi Yangpu Nanhua Sugar Industry Group Co., Ltd. (China No.1 Sugar plant) Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.(The World Biggest Heavy Equipments manufacturer) 
CHINT Electrics Co., Ltd. (China No.1 Low Voltage Apparatus manufacturer) Taizhou Haishi Industry Washing Machine Co., Ltd.(China No.1 Industry Washing Machine manufacturer) Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd. (The World Biggest Bus manufacturer) DEC Dongfeng Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. (China No.2 Motor manufacturer) Airmate (China No.1 Electric Fan manufacturer)
Foxconn (The World Biggest OEM company)

Our mushroom growth owe to our experienced talents hard working and customers' trust. During 2006 to 2008 we haven't sold one piece drive. We concentrate on developing new generation drives. Thanks for the tough days the begin two years we built very good software and hardware platform. Based on this platform we can developing new products fast and reliable.

Most of world well-known ac drives companies established factory in China. Such as Siemens in Tianjin, SEW in Tianjin, Danfoss in Tianjin, ABB in Beijing, Fuji in Wuxi, LSIS in Wuxi, Sanken in Jiangyin, Toshiba in Liaoyang, Yaskawa in Shanghai, Schneider in Suzhou, Mitsubishi in Dalian, Delta in Wujiang, Vacon in Suzhou, EMERSON in Shenzhen.

In the future, as IGBT and other core components of ac drives be local produced, China will be the global ac drives production base, that's also a chance for China's ac drives enter the world stage. Just like today close to 70% ac motors made in China, history will also repeating itself in ac drives.

We looking forward that day and welcome you to join us for win-win situation!