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Main Products: Variable Frequency Drives, Pumping Unit Controller, Servo Drive, Inverter
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Shenzhen VTdrive Technology Co.,Ltd. is a "National Hi-tech Enterprise" specialized in LV&MV Variable Frequency Drives, Pumping Unit Controller, Servo Drive, Electric Vehicle Drive, Inverter. The headquarters is located in Shenzhen. The name of VTdrive it means Vector and Torque control in the meantime it means Victory and Trust.

 As a leader in China, VTdrive is recognised for its quality, reliability and cost-efficiency in an ever-increasing number of markets worldwide. We committed to being the world's leading and most respected provider industrial control systems to deliver the high grade and competitively priced products in the market. So far VTdrive products be exported to over 60 countries like Gemery, England, Russia, Iran, Parkistan, Thailand, India, Australia, South Africa, Mexico...

VTdrive self-developed variable frequency drives cover voltage level 200V, 400V, 690V, 1140V and power rating from 0.4KW to 3000KW. It be widely used in Stone processing industry, Wood processing industry, Oilfield industry, Paper industry, Printing industry, Textile industry, Ceramic industry, Mine industry, Injection Molding Machine, Centrifugal machine, Explosion-proof, Port crane, Machine tool, Water supply, Electric vehicle drive, Hybrid electro-hydraulic, Cargo lifting, Air compressor ect. It can work well in harsh environment for variable ac motor speed and saving energy.

VTdrive R&D team and management was core leader of Frequency inverter development in China.
The most experienced VTdrive R&D team was developed over 2 million pieces ac drives in 15 years. 
The R&D spending over 32 million USD. 2006 up to now the R&D team finished the third generation VFDs (high performance vector and torque control) in VTdrive.VTdrive has proprietary intellectual property rights of all our software and hardware design. 
We not only production general purchase drives but also can customized for special purpose.VTdrive cooperated with same high-end materials suppliers and outsourcing factories with best frequency inverter manufacturer in CHINA. VTdrive strictly according with the ISO 9001 quality management system of production to ensure quality of product. VTdrive products meet up with IEC standard and passed CE approve.
We determined to manufacture the China's best variable frequency drive and introduce it to all over the world. VTdrive welcome you developing with us!

Almost world well known variable frequency drive company established factory in China. Such as Siemens in Tianjin, SEW in Tianjin, Danfoss in Tianjin, ABB in Beijing, Fuji in Wuxi, LS in Wuxi, Sanken in Jiangyin, Toshiba in Liaoyang, Yaskawa in Shanghai, Schneider in Suzhou, Mitsubishi in Dalian, Delta in Wujiang, EMERSON in Shenzhen.
In the future, as IGBT and other core components of variable frequency drive be local produced, China will be global variable frequency drive production base, that's also a chance for China's variable frequency drive go onto the world stage. Just like today over 70% ac motor be manufactured in China, history will also repeating itself in variable frequency drives.

Main Product Series

■ Standard Platform Series

V8 series high performance servo drive
Voltage degree: 220V, 380V
Power range:0.4kW ~ 200kW 
V7 series high performance crane inverter
Voltage degree: 380V, 690V 
Power range:0.7kW~500kW 
V6 series high performance torque control inverter
Voltage degree: 220V, 380V
Power range:0.4kW~500kW
V5 series high performance vector control inverter
Voltage degree: 220V, 380V, 690V, 1140V
Power range:0.4kW~ 3MW
V3 series high performance vector control inverter
Voltage degree: 220V, 380V
Power range:0.4kW~75KW 
E5 series high performance universal vector control inverter
Voltage degree: 220V, 380V, 690V, 1140V
Power range:0.4kW~3MKW
■ Industrialized Platform Series

Electric vehicle motor drive 
Hybrid electro-hydraulic servo drive 
Stone processing industry-specific inverter
3200Hz high frequency special inverter 
High energy saving ball mill special inverter 
Ceramic industry special drive 
Tension control curl special inverter
Centrifugal machine special inverter with torque control
Printing industry special inverter 
Port Crane special inverter 
Textile spinning special inverter
Explosion-proof special inverter(690V\1140V) 
Air compressor inverter
Mine winch special inverter
Integration drive injection molding machine 
Machine tool servo drive
Water Supply special inverter
Paper industry special inverter