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Shenzhen Lingbao Electronics Co,. Ltd.
Contact: Tina Song phone 8675526518828
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Address: East, 5/F, 9th Building, Sunshine Industrial Estate,Xili Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China, Guang zhou, Guang dong China, 518055
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Main Products: smoke detectors, heat detector, gas detector, fire alarm
Company/Service Details:
Shenzhen Lingbao Electronics Co. Ltd. locates in Shenzhen China, established in 2002, is a professional manufacturer of security and fire alarm system products ,with more than 12 years experiences,especially in natural gas/coal /LPG gas detector ,the carbon monoxide detector,Compound detector, smoke alarms ,toxic gas detection system.
  Our products cover combustible gas detector,fixed gas alarm sensor,portable gas detector ,CO/carbon monoxide detector,single gas detector,multi-gas detection Tools,,home wireless smoke detector test,compound gas analyzers,home fire alarm systems,water detector,household gas leak detection tester,gas monitor,water detector,fire alarm,heat detector,home security alarm systems devices products,and other security & protection products as building fire fighting equipment.All of our products have obtained CE, RoHS ,EN14604,EN50291 certificates from SGS.
 We offer high quality product for fire, security and safety applications,runs OEM & ODM processing. 

Main products:
1. smoke detector
2. heat detector
3. single gas detector
(1) portable gas detector  (for Natural Gas/LPG/Coal Gas)
(2) combustible gas leak detector  (for Natural Gas/LPG/Coal Gas)
(3) CO/carbon monoxide detector
4. multi-gas / Compound detector
(1)  2 in 1  carbon monoxide & gas detector
(2)  2 in 1  heat &smoke detector
(3)  3 in 1  gas &carbon monoxide&smoke detector
5. water leak detector
6. Vehicle Gas Detector 
7. detector with shut off valve
(1)carbon monoxide detector with solenoid valve
(2)gas detector with solenoid valve
(3)gas detector with manipulator