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Injection Moulding Co., Ltd
Contact: Tim Wu phone +8675566391288
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Address: No.16 xixiang baoan, Shen zhen, Guang dong China, 518000
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Main Products: Injection Moulding, Injection Mould, Mould Maker, Mould Making
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As an injection mould maker we've dealt with many injection moulders over the years and I have built great relationships with many customers that I now consider close friends, guys that own their own injection moulding company, who started out small and have been building successful businesses for years. Six years ago when we decides to buy a few presses for sampling and short production runs, all of my clients/friends said "buy Nessie presses, you won't regret it". Several of them have switched to Nissei from other brands, one says he has owned or run a dozen different brands of presses in 30 years and in the mid-1990s he switched to Nissei and has never looked back. He still has presses running injection mould that have never had anything fail, these are over 15 years old running 24x7. So, that's what we bought. Now we have a handful of them and they've been flawless, no maintenance required, and for the past four years we've been running most of our presses at 85% capacity (injection moulding is like an addiction). I personally have spent a lot of time on the floor running these presses, as that is the way I run my company business (I can run every machine in our shop), and I find them very easy to use, consistently accurate from shot-to-shot and extremely reliable.

I've been in the custom injection moulding business in China for 39 years, consequently have worked with and/or around all the popular brands of injection moulding machines. Your specific criteria are: "the best general purpose machine for the buck" and "tonnage range is 100 to 1000 tons". This was the exact criteria I had when I decided to start my own injection moulding business in China 15 years ago. We chose Chinese mold makers and have never regretted it. We have 1 all electric and 10 Hydraulics. One note the Hydraulics is much cleaner because they do not have the toggle clamp movement, which need constant lubrication. Also the Hydraulics is very precise and extremely robust. The next press we will purchase injection mould will be the China Hybrid....An incredible machine!