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Are you still stuck up which machine to procure? should have made up your mind until now, rather you should be in advance stages of production. For performance, service and spare parts is a very good solution,(even for injection mold and technologies) in alternative Sipa is very good too (molds and technologies included) and the price is lower, both of this suppliers are a solutions makers in China, they supply solutions not only injection molding machines.

I suggest you spray the injection molds with a good penetrating oil to facilitate disassembly and to displace the water. I suggest you use WD-40 or Aero-kroil. Nothing worse than a sized ejector pin or plate. If the plastic injection molds are of good steel and robust design, you should get the plastic injection molds back in good shape very soon. The outside is of lower concern versus the internals! Are any of these hot runner molds? That may complicate things a bit!?

All the injection mold companies are really busy, the price difference between China and USA only 15% now, so a lot of companies start build plastic injection mold in USA now, one of owner even want to hire a 70 years old mold maker, really can't find mold maker this days, we have a lot of engineer position can't fill.

Water is only harmless if it is clean & neutral, plus the injection mold/steel must be clean before going into the water. This is more of lab condition that not applicable to your situation. Gasoline or diesel is not the right way to clean the plastic injection mold, it is unhealthy and unsafe. Hydraulic parts and electrical parts should be replaced straight away (the fine particle in the flood water can penetrate far more than our imagination), it is a time bomb that will down your production in China without any notice in future, not worth to take the risk.