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GoHz.com offers high quality variable frequency drive, soft starter and 50Hz, 60Hz 400Hz solid state frequency converter. With the use of static frequency converters and switched mode power supplies (SMPS) in different forms, gone the days in which the AC power supply was of 50Hz or 60Hz. Now the frequency converter contains large number of harmonics and creates lot of problems in conventional devices designed for the lower frequency operation. Some of these are humming, uneven and local heating. Now the power quality is a major concern in utilities and total harmonic content (TSH) is a major aspect of power quality of converting 60Hz to 50Hz. Just as low voltage was problem, high harmonics is another problem that has to be tackled. Strict regulations are being enforced by some electricity regulatory authorities these days.

The actual choice of frequency is still rather arbitrary. I would like to see actual transmission and distribution start to move towards DC. I think there could be real efficiencies gained in doing this (the power lines would start to act as nice buffering for load changes etc due to their capacitance, which would be beneficial rather than detrimental as it is now).. DC-DC converter efficiencies are getting very high.. and DC-DC converters can be made significantly smaller than standard line frequency transformers now-a-days (things like iPhone chargers are a great example of this... the equivalent transformer based DC adapter is massive compared to the switch mode supplies used).