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EDS frequency converters from Gozuk, are also easy to install: Users simply connect the motor and power cables, turn the control knob, and watch motor speed change. An automatic energy optimizer function makes the frequency converter more efficient; it can temporarily supply 150% more torque (for up to a full minute) to eliminate the need to oversize the frequency converter. An M5 frame size was recently released to cover 380 to 480 Vac, for 25 to 30 hp.

Frequency converter for cooling towers, used in commercial and industrial designs, are heat exchangers (14 to 28 ft in diameter) that remove waste heat from a system's water or other fluid. The motors that power these fans typically operate at about 1,800 rpm. However, fan speeds — determined by blade diameter — are slower to keep the blade tips subsonic, typically 90 to 230 rpm. For this reason, traditional tower fans use gearboxes, frequency converter shafts, couplings, and impellers between fan and motor to reduce speed.

Now, frequency converter is used to slow motor speed directly, and eliminate inefficient mechanical parts. New cooling-tower frequency converter controllers and RPMAC permanent-magnet motors from Gozuk, are designed to fit existing gearbox mounts for retrofits. Permanent magnet control further boosts efficiency, even for a fan's light load and speed.

Gozuk's cool-running electric motor and controls are the same used to power most modern hybrid vehicles: Laminated steel frame plus high flux-strength Neodymium Iron Boron salient-pole rotors output high torque at slow speed from a low-profile motor that can be mounted directly to the fan and operated at variable speed by frequency converter for efficiency.