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If you want to have fast and quick results just to be able to compare mould alternatives you can take a look at Plastic Advisor. This is a MoldFlow product that is also delivered with the mould module of PTC. You must be very careful to use the results to determine whether the mould will fill or not on a particular machine with specific machine settings. There are phenomena like e.g. shear rate heating which are not completely taken into account.

If you want to have a more in depth analysis you can take a look at MoldFlow MPI or Moldex 3D. I have used both with good results. The price tag of these two packages is a lot higher than that of Plastic Advisor.

Mold making in China is a very challenging business. Two of the difficulties are offshore competition and molders growing demands for early design involvement. One solution to combat these challenges is injection mold filling simulation. Its use can help mold builders stay competitive, enhance efficiencies, meet customer expectations and create more business opportunities.

Mold manufacturer is specifically formulated resin to produce dimensionally stable high temperature molds for limited production molding processes. This 2-component 100% solids polyurea-based material is available in both hard or flexible versions to provide chemically resistant class A mold surfaces. Mold Maker may also be used to produce rigid or flexible high temperature parts. Flexible Mold manufacturer allows mold makers to incorporate no-draft deep side walls and undercut geometry. These resins may be pour cast, RIM injected or cartridge gun dispensed to create production molds, master plugs, secondary holding fixtures or final parts. Cured materials are extremely tough and exhibit excellent durability against abrasion, exothermic part cycling and cleaning chemicals.

For the normal design bucket mould core and cavity with CuBe the cooling time will be about 15 to 20s and ejection time is about 4s. 20L bucket plastic injection mold is very big. If you want to make it with 28s, you may need high speed injection machine, robit to take out the bucket from mould, and chiller to give better cooling. It is very costly to make all the equipment ready with you. I don't think you will out of the business if run this mould with cycle time 60s. Because in China 20L bucket run with 60s cycle is very normal, but they are still on the business.