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AC Drive China 07-Dec, 2012

Our self-developed AC drives with powerful functions, flexible control and excellent performance, can suitable for most kinds of applications and system integration for energy saving.

Contact: Zhuge Fs Phone: +86-139 2848 0246 Address: Shen zhen, Guang dong

Siyu Textile 02-Jul, 2013

Our factory is professional towel manufacturer integrated with spinning, weaving, bleaching, printing, after finishing and towel trading.

Contact: LAI HAO Phone: +8618942965981 Address: Xian ning, Hu bei

xbizy 25-Feb, 2013

All products are cheap some are free

Contact: abiolas Phone: +380633873407 Address: Hami, Xin jiang

Integrated with vector control (with/without PG), V/f control (with/without PG), this frequency inverter is widely used in precision machinery control and several motors driven applications.

Contact: Fush Phone: +8675528480246 Address: Shen zhen, Guang dong

East further is a CHINA based, independent freight forwarder with head office in Shenzhen, offering highly effective import and export by sea, road and air freight forwarding services and China base business agent services around the world.

Contact: Rock Phone: +86 0755 82621616 Address: Shen zhen, Guang dong

786 Marketing Group 06-Feb, 2013

786 Marketing Group is one of the finest visionary Marketing Companies in Karachi. 786 Marketing Group is one of the Top Marketing Companies in Pakistan in terms of Online Marketing in Karachi. 786 Marketing is a marketing consultancy firm that has a vision to market local products and services to the international market and vice versa.

Contact: Haris Khan Ghori Phone: +92-331-2355374 Address: , Hong kong

webhostmaker 22-Feb, 2013

Cheap Reseller Hosting, Cheap Web Hosting , Cheap Shared Hosting , Shared Web Hosting Service Linux ,

Contact: new offer Phone: 89746461 Address: Tai yuan, Shan Xi

Ilico Services Ltd 29-Oct, 2014

Our company name is ILICO SERVICES LTD. a Govt. of India registered public limited company and we are basically into ERP Software Development, We have started to develop our ERP since 2006, still now also we are upgrading depending of the business need. Our ERP name is: vERP6.2 . We want to sell ERP Source code Copyright.

Contact: Siddhartha Dikshit Phone: +869836332222 Address: , Bei jing

With our highly qualified and experienced freight forwarder team, we offer customer the specific advice, tailored services and excellent added value. To handle your shipments safely and exactly is our honest commitment.

Contact: Rock Zhan Phone: +86 0755 82621616 Address: Shen zhen, Guang dong